FAUST Seminars - Fall 2012

(Wed 1:00 PM in SE 311)

Titles link to the slides.

Date Speaker Title
Oct 3
Shannon Ray (FAU)
Oct 10
George Reifenberger (FAU)
Oct 24
M.E. Hogan (FAU)
Nov 7
Shawn Wilder (FAU)
Nov 14
Thomas Curtright (UM)
Nov 21
Group Meeting
Nov 28
Petr Tsatsin (FAU)

Seminar Abstracts

Galileons and Naked Singularities

Thomas Curtright (UM), November 14

Spherically symmetric solutions of hypothetical scalar field "galileon" models will be discussed in the context of general relativity. There are two distinct phases of solutions arising from physically reasonable boundary conditions. Those in the "censored" phase exhibit horizons, as expected, while those in the "naked" phase have curvature singularities without horizons.