FAUST Seminars- Spring 2013

(Friday 9:00 am in SE 311)

Titles link to the slides or the abstracts.

Date Speaker Title
Feb 15
Atousa Shirazi (FAU)
Mar 15
Shannon Ray (FAU)
Mar 22
George Reifenberger (FAU)
Mar 29
Xuping Wang (FAU)
Apr 5
Shawn Wilder (FAU)
Apr 12
Petr Tsatsin (FAU)
Apr 19
M.E. Hogan (FAU)
Apr 26
Bernd Bruegmann (Jena)

Seminar Abstracts

Path integral measure as determined by canonical gravity

Atousa Shirazi (FAU), February 15

We will discuss the problem of finding a correct canonical measure for the path integral of a constrained system. Our goal is to import this measure into spin foam models, therefore we are interested in the Plebanski Holst formulation of gravity in particular because it has the necessary variables. As a secondary derivation of the measure factor, we start from the ADM formalism and show that it reduces to the same results.

From Brown and York to Wang and Yau, Quasilocal Energy in General Relativity

Shannon Ray (FAU), March 15

This talk will discuss the formulation and application of Wang and Yau's definition of energy quasilocally for classical gravity.

Black Hole on a GPU

Bernd Bruegmann (Theoretical Physics Institute, University of Jena), April 26

Graphics cards have over the years developed into high-performance floating point units. We describe a case study of their use in scientific computing. Concretely, we discuss numerical methods and parallelization strategies for partial differential equations of time-dependent tensor fields on a spherical shell using pseudospectral matrix methods. Although this says it all, what we will really do is discuss some general aspects of porting a simple physics example to the GPU that should be accessible to non-experts interested in GPU computing.