Center for Biomedical and Materials Physics (CBAMP)


The Center provides a focus for communications and forging collaborations among the faculty and students who are members of it. The members specialize in medical physics, soft condensed matter physics, condensed matter physics, and materials physics. The center helps to find funds and provides an organizational framework for the research of the members.

The Center's vision is in accordance with the FAU Mission:

  • To pursue excellence in its missions of research, scholarship, creative activity, teaching, and active engagement with its communities.

It is also in accordance with the CESCOS Mission:

  • To provide excellence in both disciplinary and interdisciplinary science education for our students,
  • To apply the power of inquiry and discovery to fundamental problems of scientific importance,
  • To find solutions to societal challenges in a culture of research, partnership and scholarship, and
  • To develop internationally recognized research and instructional programs to meet the needs of the region, the nation and the global community.

Seminar Programs

Fall 2018 (pdf)


The Alloy Research Center (ARC) was sanctioned by the Board of Regents of the Florida State University System in 1989 as a Type III center. The scientists associated with the center were all physicists who were interested in applying the methods of Condensed Matter Physics to the study of alloys. The center served its purpose when seeking research funds because it emphasized the existence of a support network on the campus.

The personnel and research interests of the center evolved over time, and the funding situation for physicists also changed. For these reasons the name of the center was changed to the Center for Biological and Materials Physics (CBAMP) in 2005. The personnel and interests of the center have continued to evolve and include a growing interest in medical physics. Many of the scientists associated with the center are also taking part in the Professional Science Master in Medical Physics (PSMMP) program in the Physics Department. In 2013 this led to a new name, the Center for Biomedical and Material Physics, with the same acronym CBAMP