FAUST Seminars Fall 2015

(Monday 3:00 pm in SE 311)

Titles link to the slides or the abstracts.

Date Speaker Title
Aug 31
Zichang Huang (FAU)
Sep 28
Phillip Mendonca (FAU)
Oct 5
Shannon Ray (FAU)
Oct 19
Maximilian Hanusch (FAU)
Oct 26
Hamidreza Saiedi (FAU)
Nov 2
Xuping Wang (FAU)
Nov 9
Wolfgang Tichy (FAU)
Nov 16
Wolfgang Tichy (FAU)
Nov 23
Mushfiqur Rahman (FAU)

Seminar Abstracts

Symmetries in LQG
Maximilian Hanusch, Oct 19
We will discuss, how symmetry reduction in LQG can be done by means of spectral extensions of group actions. Then, we will show, how measures on the reduced configuration spaces can be constructed by means of a classification of analytic curves w.r.t. their symmetry under a given analytic Lie group action.