Maryam Ghasemi Ghonchehnazi Accepted into Radiation Oncology Residency Program


Maryam Ghasemi, an alumna of the Professional Science Master in Medical Physics was admitted into a Radiotherapy Physics Residency program at San Diego State University, Department of Radiation Oncology. Read the story below from Maryam.

“Life has a funny way of pointing people toward what they are meant to do. As a child, I was witness to more than one loved one lose their battles to cancer. Thus, my lifelong goals were molded for me: help create a world where the pain of cancer no longer exists. I learned I could use science and technology to make a difference in the lives of suffering people. I decided to apply my love of physics to health care and medicine to help as many people as I can.

I graduated in Fall 2019 in the Professional Science Master of Medical Physics (PSMMP) program. Through my master’s thesis, I had the opportunity to get involved in the commissioning of Varian’s first clinical ProBeam CompactTM supervised by Dr. Charles Shang, one of the well-known Medical Physicists at cancer clinics-partners in education for PSMMP students. I conducted research on computed tomography calibration curves for proton therapy using the stoichiometric method, and CT noise reduction technique. The project of optimizing computed tomography calibration curves for a proton treatment planning system was a crucial project for the implementation of the proton therapy at South Florida Proton Therapy Institute (SFPTI), to reduce range uncertainty of dose computation in order to provide excellent patient care.

I have been accepted in the Radiotherapy Physics Residency program for Fall 2020 to achieve the Certificate through the College of Extended Studies (CES) at San Diego State University*. The residency involves 2-year clinical rotation courses, which include hands-on clinical and didactic training, which occurs at the participating clinics.

Achievement did not come easy. The rigid training at FAU helped get me this far. I take pride in saying that I did not come this far from my own efforts but with the help of my teachers and my colleagues who continuously supported me. The PSMMP program at FAU develops professional skills and clinical experience through its interdisciplinary curriculum and on-site training at partner hospitals. This and other knowledge that I learned here helped guide me toward my goal of alleviating suffering.”

*Because of their clinical restrictions due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Maryam has been placed on their waiting list in the event that the hospital restrictions are eased