Society of Physics Students

Society of Physics Students at Florida Atlantic University is an organization that provides a community for undergraduate students interested in physics. Our goal is to assist in bridging the gap between students and faculty, share ideas and knowledge of physics concepts, provide opportunities for leadership roles and encourage involvement in research.

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Congratulations to FAU’s Society of Physics Students (SPS)

Congratulations to FAU’s Society of Physics Students (SPS), who were recognized as a 2019 Distinguished SPS Chapter. The Society of Physics Students’ National Office recognized the FAU chapter’s dedication and commitment to the SPS mission, support of fellow students, student involvement initiatives, and cultivation of a strong SPS community at the University. 



Congratulations to Wayne Robinson

Special thanks to Wayne Robinson (Personal relations manager of SPS) for coordinating his first outreach event for the physics department at FAU high! The students were very smart and were able to connect with the demos and have fun all at the same time! We hope for many more events such as this in the future! Find out more about the Outreach Program