quantum owls lab

Undergraduate Student Researchers in the Quantum OWLS Lab launches Company QC Swarm, Inc

Undergraduate student researchers in Warner Miller’s Quantum OWLS Lab launched the company, QC Swarm, Inc., which uses drones to create mobile quantum networks. The CEO, Robert Snyder (far right), and CSO, Daniel Carvalho (center), are pictured  with  Lieutenant General Christopher Weggeman, Deputy Commander of Air Combat Command. Robert and Daniel recently attended the Rocky Mountain Cyberspace Symposium 2020 in Colorado Springs, CO. Professor Warner Miller would like to thank AFOSR/AOARD, AFOSR DURP, AFRL/RITQ and L3Harris for grants supporting these students, and to the FAU Wave program, and FAU Science and to ADI and Charles Harvey for making connections for our students and faculty. (Picture taken by Charles Harvey)