Meet our Officers! 

Roxanne Blair

Vice President

Miguel Mattis


Joesph Dodd



Position Absorbed by President & VP

Administrative Coordinator


Position Absorbed by President & VP

Head Peer Mentor


Tristan Irons

Personal Relations Manager




Wayne Robinson

Outreach Coordinator 





Owl Involved: Fall 2019



Grant Morris and Wayne Robinson advertising SPS on the Breezeway at FAU's Fall 2019 Owl Involved where student organizations showcase themselves to students at the university.

We hosted demonstrations such as Newton's Balls of Motion, hand boilers, and a vacuum tube. Our goal was to gain new members, advertise our Chipotle Fundraiser, Inaugural Integral Bee, and our trip to FSU's High Magnetic Field Laboratory.


First General Body Meeting of the Spring 2019 Semester



Sarah Crill and Alexandra DeCesare discuss the general body meeting dates and topics for the Spring 2019 semester at the first general body meeting of the semester.


First General Body Meeting of the Spring 2019 Semester



Members discuss our attendance at the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) at the University of Alabama.

We had 12 applicants of which 9 were accepted and 8 attended. Those 8 members drove 14 hours to attend the conference to learn more about different physics fields and how to be successful in them.


Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics at UA: Spring 2019



Jasmine Jones, Daniel Carvalho, Grant Morris, Joseph Dodd, Alexandra DeCesare, Yohan Musle, and Roxanne Blair (listed from left to right) are featured in this photo at the CUWiP conference.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama was chilly that January. Our members were able to attend a variety of talks and break out sessions regarding different fields in physics, how to get into graduate school, etc.


APS Plasma Expo: Fall 2019



Our volunteers (Sebastian Braunstein, Roxanne Blair, Eleanor Stuart, Alexandra DeCesare, Daniel Gil Valenzuela, Miguel Mattis, Tyani Smith, Daniel Carvalho, Grant Morris- listed left to right) at the APS Plasma Expo in Fort Lauderdale were excited to show off our demos to local middle and high school students.

Our demos included spectral tubes, plasma in nature, the life cycle of stars, the life cycle of Mars, and a Van De Graaff generator.


APS Plasma Expo: Fall 2019



Daniel Carvalho is featured here observing the spectra of H2 gas.

This demonstration, in particular, was a hit with the middle and high schoolers attending the expo.


Group Photo: Spring 2019



Daniel Carvalho, Alex Buicuic, Grant Morris, Samuel Hagenbuch, Alexandra DeCesare, Yohan Musle, Jasmine Jones, Robert Synder, Sarah Crill, and Sebastian Braunstein (left to right) are featured in this photo.

This was our first group photo ever! We were very proud to show off our new shirt design for the year.


Outreach Meeting: Fall 2019


    Wayne Robinson performing a demonstration showing the "Pendulum Wave." Wayne has been working with Outreach on behalf of SPS and OURI since January 2019 by visiting local high schools and spreading interest in physics and research.